Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do you think your computer is password protected???

Most of people use passwords to protect there windows account from other users. But some people don't know that windows have a separate permanent administrator account. I've seen that most of people are keeping their admin account unprotected. :roll: (I've even seen this security hole even in public computers like in pc s in netcafes, ect. :) )
Some people get amazed when I get in to their PC as an administrator, without knowing the password! :lol:

Is your windows system is fully password protected?
If your are not sure, follow the steps below and check!

    1.Log off from your Windows account
    2.At the logon screen, Press alt+ctrl+del to get classic logon dialog box.
    3.Type username as Administrator
    4.Keep password blank and hit Enter

If the system prompted for wrong password and enter again, that means you've already put a password.
If you were able to log on without a password? Guess what ! :o You have left a large security hole in your system.That means any unauthorized person can log in to your pc and do any modification they like!
If so what ca you do? :cry:
Answer is simple, ;) put a password to your administrator account too! :ugeek:
P.S.: As far as I know, you can't disable the administrator account!

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