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Noise reduction using mathlab

function nreducedS = nreduce(x, FS)
%Author: Olutope Foluso Omogbenigun
%Email: olutopeomogbenigun at
%University: London Metropolitan University
%Date: 27/08/07
%Syntax: cleanSpeech = nreduce(x, FS);
%This function accepts the noisy speech signal as well as its sampling
%frequency as input and returns the noise-reduced version of the signal.
%Based on Boll(1979) version of spectral subtraction.

speech = myVAD(x); %Trims off noise and artifacts
le = length(speech); %Total samples in speech signal
s_time = 0.1; %An initial silence period in seconds
w_time = 0.025; %frame size in seconds
olap_time = 0.005; %overlap in seconds
w = fix(w_time*FS); %No of Samples/window
olap = fix(olap_time*FS); %No of samples/overlap
s = fix((s_time-w_time)/olap_time)+1; %Number of silence segments
tsg = fix((le-w)/olap)+1; %Number of segments in speech signal
win = hann(w).^0.5; %multiply by root of hanning window
xofT = zeros(tsg,w); %Matrix to hold multiple segments

%Segmentation of speech section
for i = 1:tsg
nextIndex = (i-1)*olap+1;
xofT(i,:) = speech(nextIndex:nextIndex+w-1).*win;

%Matrix of silence segments
s_seg = zeros(s,w);
for k = 1:s
nextIndex = (k-1)*olap+1;
s_seg(k,:) = x(nextIndex:nextIndex+w-1).*hamming(w);

%Spectra of speech and noise is obtained below, as well as signal phase
xofK = fft(xofT,w,2);
halfn = 1+floor(w/2);
xofK = xofK(:,1:halfn);
Phase = angle(xofK);
nofK = fft(s_seg,w,2);
nofK = nofK(:,1:halfn);
nmean = mean(nofK); %Compute mean of noise spectra

%Averages the value of speech spectra over 3 succesive frames
xofK1 = xofK;
for l = 2:tsg-1
xofK1(l,:) = (xofK(l-1,:)+xofK(l,:)+xofK(l+1,:))/3;

[nr,nc] = size(xofK1);
nmean = repmat(nmean,nr,1);
xofK1 = xofK1-nmean; %Subtracts noise spectra from speech
xofK2 = max(xofK1,zeros(nr,nc)); %Half-wave rectify to remove -ve values

xoKwP = xofK2.*exp(j*Phase); %Multiply speech estimate with phase
xoKwPc = conj(xoKwP);

%Fold the spectra conjugate round the main spectra to form complete FFT
if isinteger(nc/2)
xoKwP = [xoKwP,fliplr(xoKwPc(:,2:end-1))];
xoKwP = [xoKwP,fliplr(xoKwPc(:,2:end))];

nreducedS = zeros((nr-1)*olap+w,1);%This will hold final result

%Get real IFFT and do overlap-add, after hanning windowing
for m = 1:nr
nextIndex = (m-1)*olap+1;
invfft = real(ifft(xoKwP(m,:),w))'.*win;
nreducedS(nextIndex:nextIndex+w-1) = nreducedS(nextIndex:nextIndex+w-1)+invfft;

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